About Peter Bedford

Peter Bedford is the Conservative candidate for Mid Leicestershire at the next General Election.

As the eldest of three children, from a single parent family, Peter places improving social mobility and life chances for all at the heart of his political beliefs.  He is passionate about improving education and training so that anyone, no matter their background, has the opportunity to succeed.

Peter moved to the county in 2004 to read Law at the University of Leicester.

After completing his education he went on to qualify as a Chartered Accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers; before going on to work for a number of recognisable Leicestershire firms such as NEXT and Aggregate Industries.

In 2017 he was elected as the County Councillor for Markfield, Desford & Thornton where he has held a number of roles including chairing the Corporate Governance Committee, serving as a Scrutiny Commissioner and latterly in Cabinet as the Portfolio Holder for ‘Recovery & Transformation’.

Peter is passionate that our first MP for Mid Leicestershire lives, breathes and feels the issues affecting us locally; be it the current levels of unsustainable development across our villages, the threats to rural transportation, or the need for improvements to our highways network.

Peter places strong borders, a robust justice system, and support for small and medium-sized businesses as key policy areas of interest and would be a vocal advocate for these if elected as your Member of Parliament.